The idea of one song blending seamlessly into another song blew my mind and I had to figure how this was done. Influenced, by my cousin, at the age of 12, I started off with vinyl decks, from there I grasped the general nature and feel for music. Once I achieved the basics of beat matching and looping, a whole new world opened up for me.


I've been DJ-ing now for 15 years non stop, birthdays, weddings, gatherings and many more occasions. Specialising in old school r&b and hip hop, funk with a latin twist there was no occasion that stopped at the actual party end time.

Started off in the back room of my parents house to playing for some well known individuals along with performing (drumming) alongside many talented artists from the small standard house party to performing live on television in front of millions. 

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Chelsea D

6 months ago-

Absolutely amazing DJ! Patryk was our wedding DJ and he was super professional, and was prompt with all communications! Patryk was able to cater to what music we wanted as a couple and for the rest of the guests! Everyone was dancing and having fun! Can’t recommend him enough!



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Melbourne, Australia

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