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QOD Latin was founded with the ambition to create new and exciting ventures for those with a passion alike for the many styles of latin dance and music.


We are here to provide many unparalleled experiences for our clients and their guests, to completely immerse you within the show collections in which we offer.


With us you are guaranteed captivating, new and exciting choreography, fresh music, extravagant costumes, a powerhouse ensemble and a booking process that is simple and effortless.

We as QOD Latin are the visionaries, creatives and dreamers bringing our and your ideas to life. Let us take you on a journey and experience the flavours of a QOD Latin Fiesta.

About us...



We take great responsibility representing the cultures of latin dance with immense historical knowledge and ethical appreciation. In respect of this, all performers are well cultured and immersed in the traditional histories and background of the styles we are trained to represent and perform professionally.

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